Presale Advisory Services

Did you know?
The number one reason that private business sales fail is a lack of planning on the seller's part.

You may not intend to sell your business this year, or even in the next three years, but it is never too early to meet with Plethora Businesses to develop your professional exit strategy.

Your business represents your livelihood, years of dedication, stress and hard work. You have a financial goal in mind for your future and selling your business is the final milestone in obtaining the lifestyle you deserve.

How Can we Help?
Plethora Businesses guides you through planning, preparation and implementation of your exit so that you may enjoy a successful, lucrative and smooth transition from your business by:

  1. Completing a complimentary valuation for qualified sellers
  2. Effectively preparing your business for due diligence 
  3. Determining ways to eliminate post-sale liabilities
  4. Identifying interested and qualified buyers 
  5. Identifying and eliminating potential roadblocks

Remember, developing an exit strategy is a complex process. The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to address and eliminate potential roadblocks, turn your weaknesses into strengths, and focus on areas of your business that will increase future value.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your business plans and objectives, call us at (714)255-8862 or provide us with your contact information and a business sales consultant will contact you.

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