Acquisition Search Provider

Plethora Businesses is unique from other business intermediary firms in that we have a robust marketing department that spends 100% of their time locating businesses for acquisition. At no cost to the buyer, our team will call on businesses for potential acquisition. We will call specific companies at your request or call on a number of companies that fit your given criteria.

Benefits of Using Our Acquisition Search Service:

  • The business owner can explore the option of a sale and determine the value of their company confidentially and at low risk of exposure; when a buyer contacts the owner directly it immediately puts the owner on the defense.
  • Saves you time in your own search efforts
  • Gives you access to businesses that would not otherwise be available on the open market

Plethora hosts seminars specifically designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about the buying process. Click attend a seminar to register for an upcoming event.

To discuss your acquisition criteria with a consultant you may call us at (714)255-8862, or provide us with your contact information and we will contact you.

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