What is the process of selling a business?

The following is a brief summary of the process of selling a business:

Phase I
Decision to Sell, Research and Preparation

Our team of primary business consultants are available to provide business owners valuable information to assist them in the decision, preparation, research analysis, and implementation of suitable exit strategies.

Phase II
The Appraisal Process

Plethora Businesses strongly recommends business owners considering the sale of their business to obtain a business appraisal.

Phase III
Marketing Plan, Market Exposure, Buyer Search

Plethora Businesses' marketing strategies are developed and uniquely targeted to strategic buyers using our proprietary database containing profiles of thousands of buyers.

Phase IV
Negotiation, Due Diligence & Closing

Our team of primary business consultants will assist with the competitive bid process to maximize transaction proceeds and walk with you through each step of the transaction.

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